Let’s Live Together was established in 2009 as India’s first community-based foster program called “The Indi Dog Program” for orphaned puppies. We work as an alternative to traditional rescue shelters with the community’s support to fulfil our mission.

Be a part of this community that works for Indie dog breeds and help to give them a good life.

Our Impact


Animals saved

Foster parents

  • Increase in community participation
  • We offer an ethical alternative to the pet breeding industry
  • Multiple rescue groups are following our foster and adoption model all over India
  • There is a growing demand for rescued puppies
  • Shelters are now inviting us to train their staff to set up the foster model and speak in conferences in India and outside India

How can you help us?

Adopt a puppy

Adopt cute little puppies from Let’s Live Together and become puppy angels. We are focused on rescuing Indie breed puppies who are motherless and homeless.

Become a foster parent

Are you a first-time pet parent? Are you not sure about adopting a puppy? You can still be a part of our mission. Please register with us as foster parents and take care of our puppies until their parents adopt them.

Donate for our cause

Our organisation runs mainly on donations from people. We accept donations in many ways – monetary and in-kind. You can also contribute to our cause by shopping for our merchandise.

Volunteer with us

We are always on the lookout for volunteers! Whether you are a student, working professional, homemaker or senior citizen, we welcome your support in our mission.

Photography by Achala Pani, Founder-Director of Let’s Live Together


Indie dogs

Indie dogs have been treated as ‘stray dogs for a long time now. It’s high time we break the stereotype and welcome these Indie dogs to our homes!


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Pet corner

Having a pet involves you taking care of their food intake, training and behavioural issues. Check out some fantastic articles chosen by Let’s Live Together to help you transition into pawsome Pet parents!

About Us

Let’s Live Together is an Animal welfare NGO based in Bengaluru, India.
We are a foster-based organisation. We do not run a shelter.

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