Let’s Live Together Charitable Trust for Animals

Let’s Live Together initiated “The Indi Dog Program”, India’s first foster-based rescue program for orphaned puppies in Bangalore.

Be a part of this community that works to uplift the image of Indi dogs.

Our Impact, since 2009


Animals saved

Foster parents

We are a registered non-profit organization mainly running on sponsorships and donations from people. We accept donations in multiple ways – monetary, in-kind, or shop our merchandise.

Volunteer with us

We are always on the lookout for volunteers! Whether you are a student, working professional, homemaker, or senior citizen, we welcome your support in our mission.

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“They don’t choose to be stray. They are made one.”

Achala Pani, Founder-Director of Let’s Live Together

Become a foster parent

Are you a first-time pet parent? Are you not sure about adopting a puppy? You can still be a part of our mission. Join our exclusive group of foster parents and take care of our puppies until their parents adopt them.

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Adopt our puppy

Adopt cute little puppies from Let’s Live Together and become puppy angels. We are focused on rescuing Indie breed puppies who are motherless and homeless.

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