Frequently Asked Questions

What is your animal intake policy?

Let’s Live Together does not run an animal shelter; we operate from an office space. So our intake number is limited to ensure the best quality service to each animal that we take in. We do not take in sick and injured animals as we do not run a shelter. Let’s Live Together as a policy does not work with breeds. We help in the fostering and adoption of homeless Indian puppies and kittens.

Who treats the animal at Let’s Live Together?

Dr B Vijayakumari, Let’s Live Together’s Founder President, is an Ayurveda, Homeopathy and Acupuncture doctor. She treats the animals at Let’s Live Together. The animals with Let’s Live Together are taken to private Vet clinics for vaccinations and sterilization.

What is your adoption policy?

We screen potential adopters to find a perfect match between the puppy/kitten and the family. If you meet our initial requirements, you will have to visit our office, where we will arrange for a meeting with our adoptable animals or during adoption camps that we set up at different locations in the city. Then, you will be asked to fill our adoption form. After due processing, you can adopt a pup/kitten of your choice. We take in a donation of Rs.4000 for every adoption.

What is your foster/volunteer policy?

You will need to register with us by filling the volunteer form. We will get back to you once we are done processing your form.

What does fostering a rescued animal(puppy or kitten) entail exactly?

We look to our foster parents to provide daily primary care for their foster pet (food, water, exercise, socialization, basic training, etc.)

Why do you need foster families?

Fostering is a great way to help us rescue more animals from the street. Let’s Live Together has a great need for foster parents as we do not run a shelter. The animals that are not ready for adoption are underage (puppies or kittens) and hence need a safe and caring mid-way home. 

How long is the foster commitment?

We have various needs for our foster families and will take whatever time you can give. If fostering underage puppies and kittens, it could be as little as two weeks or even a few months when they are old enough/weigh enough to be returned to Let’s Live Together. If it does not work out or you need to leave town temporarily or long-term, let us know, and the animals are always welcome to return to our Adoption office whenever required.

Will I get to choose which animal I foster?

Yes, but on a case-to-case basis. Our priority will always be any animal waiting for a foster home. However, if we don’t have any animals looking for an immediate foster, we will review your application and find a good match for your needs and lifestyle.

What is my responsibility as a foster parent financially?

Let’s Live Together will provide any items/supplies needed to be a foster parent. However, if you choose to provide any/all items yourself, that is fine as well. We will also cover all medical needs and ensure that all animals are healthy, vaccinated, and spayed/neutered (if old enough) before adoption. In case of an emergency, we will also reimburse for emergency medical care.

If I already have other animals at home, can I be a foster parent?

YES! Most of our animals in need are great with other animals. Just inform our team, we will work with you and your situation/lifestyle to find the perfect fit. Don’t have any animals? That’s fine too!

If I have children, can I be a foster parent?

Yes! Same with other animals, we will review all applications and find the best fit for your household and our animals. Also, becoming a foster parent would be a wonderful way to teach your child responsibility for caring for another animal.

I cannot be a foster parent because I will become too attached.

We hear this frequently and completely understand. However, we also know that the reward our foster families receive from their experiences in fostering outweighs any sadness that could occur upon your foster pet getting adopted. And, we’re here to help you along the way!

How will the animal find a forever home when I am fostering them?

Let’s Live Together will continue to market your adoptable pet through all the avenues (i.e., our website, Facebook page, Instagram, public events and others).

Can I adopt my foster pet?

We call it a foster failure. It happens, and it’s okay. You may fall head over heels in love with your foster puppy or kitten and decide you cannot part ways with them. You will have the opportunity to adopt your foster dog should you choose to do so. However, all foster parents must go through the same adoption process as anyone else, including filling out an application and paying the adoption donation. Send an email to if you decide to adopt your foster puppy.