What does it mean to become a foster parent?

For those new to the concept, fostering is simply an act of opening your home, your heart to one or more puppies until they find their “forever home.” It gives you a peek into the puppy raising process, and it is an excellent way to find out if you are ready to adopt a puppy.

Fostering is a soul-fulfilling process as you get to save a life that would have otherwise been out on the street at the mercy of bad weather and cruel humans. In addition, you get to see the puppy transform from fearful and wary eyes to trusting and loving the moment they look at you.

How to become a foster parent with Let’s Live Together?

Step 1: Fill out the Pre-foster form given below. This form helps us understand you better at a glance and make sure the right puppy comes into your house.

Step 2: Once your profile screening is complete, sit back and wait for us to reach out to you whenever we have a puppy that requires fostering.

Step 3: Before the puppy handover, register yourself as a Foster parent. Finally, welcome on board to join the process of giving a good life to rescued puppies officially! 🙂

Some things to keep in mind before you register with us to Foster our puppies:

  • Even though fostering a puppy does not mean a lifelong commitment, it requires your time and patience. Hence, please register with us only if you have the time necessary for it.
  • Where there are puppies, there are bound to be some puppy messes. If you are a first-time parent, it is essential that you and your living mates consider this.

In addition to the above process, you are required to register as our Volunteer as well. Click on the button below to complete the registration.