Let’s Live Together (LLT) Charitable trust was established in 2009 by Dr B Vijayakumari and Achala Pani, with a vision to end animal suffering responsibly. So far, 4000 lives have been impacted with their utmost perseverance and hard work. We work with the community without a shelter. We strive to communicate effectively with people to ensure that every puppy that has found its way to Let’s Live Together gets a good home and a loving family.

What started as a project “Life on the street” by our founder-director is now an organization which aims to make the animals on the street live a better life. This project is a tribute to all the not-so-fortunate animals, who don’t make it, and who don’t find homes mainly because they were born (homeless) on the street.

Join us on this unique project for the ones who can not speak!