Adopt from LLT – Tahini

Name: Tahini
Age: 3 months
Sex: Female

Rescue History: Tahini and her siblings were found in open ground, motherless with a lot of insects and ticks on them.

Medical History: No medical history

Health status: Vaccinated/ Scheduled for Neutering

Diet: Vegetarian/ Vegan

Favorite Food: Loves all food, cucumber, banana, and all her treats.

Temperament: She is a very friendly dog. She loves meeting new people. Very active and energetic dog. She cannot stay alone and needs attention.

Training Status: She knows how to sit, hand shake, and is very food-oriented. Pees and poops on certain spots.

Favourite pastime: Playing with toys.

Barks at: Playful barking

A Perfect Home 🏡 : A home with someone who enjoys spending a good time with her. She will be suitable for a home where there are other dogs. She loves to be part of a pack.

To adopt Tahini, please follow this link.