Adopt from LLT – Sapota

Name: Sapota
Age: 8 months
Sex: Male

Rescue History: Sapota and his siblings were found in a rice sack near drainage. He was found when he was 12 days old and has grown up with us ever since.

Medical History: Neonatal puppy, found 12 days old

Health status: Vaccinated/ Scheduled for Neutering

Diet: Vegetarian/ Vegan

Favorite Food: Loves all food, cucumber, carrots, and all his treats.

Temperament: He is a very friendly dog. He is scared of new people – either he will go into hiding or will bark continuously at them. It takes two days of focused attention with him to get comfortable with a new person. But if he knows you, he will tag you along everywhere. He enjoys going for walks when it is late and the streets are empty. He doesn’t like crowds.

Training Status: Sapota can live in a house that has children and other dogs. He will just need some time to be introduced and get friendly.

Favourite pastime: Tug of war, playing fetch, catching a ball, and, catching his own tail.

Barks at: Strangers, or aggressive dogs.

A Perfect Home 🏡 : A home with someone who enjoys spending a good time with him. He will be suitable for a home where there are other dogs. He loves to be part of a pack. He is happy to be on his own especially when there is another dog to keep company.

To adopt Sapota, please follow this link.