Adopt from LLT – Salt

Name: Salt
Age: 6 months
Sex: Female

Rescue History: Salt was found as a 10-day old pup, who had a lot of weakness and health issues. Let’s Live Together’s team of experienced fosters gave round-the-clock care and medical attention and brought them back to health from the brink of suffering.

Medical History: Neonatal puppy, found 10-12 days old.

Health status: Vaccinated/ Scheduled for Neutering

Diet: Vegetarian/ Vegan

Favorite Food: She is not a fussy eater, foodie. Salt enjoys
roti with curd, bread butter is favourite.

Temperament: Very friendly, highly energetic, loves to sleep beside her human companion.

Training Status: Leash Trained, Potty Trained to do her business. Responds to her name and Sit command.

Favourite pastime: Tug of war, playing fetch, catching ball, and, catching her own tail.

Barks at: Strangers.

A Perfect Home 🏡 : A home with someone who enjoys dog training activities, long walks, and spending a lot of time with dogs. Loves loves loves hoomans. Follows you around better than your cell phone network and talks to you like she understands every single word you say.

Extra mentions: She is extremely interactive and keeps you on your toe.

To adopt Salt, please follow this link.