Adopt from LLT – Kellogs

Name: Kellogs
Age: 3.5 months
Sex: Male

Rescue History: Kellogs came to us as a tiny baby who was abandoned in front of a residential area. His mother was nowhere to be found.

Medical History: No medical history

Health status: Two vaccinations done and deworming up to date.

Diet: Vegetarian/ Vegan

Favorite Food: He is not a fussy eater. Enjoys rice with mashed veggies, loves to munch on spinach and coriander leaves.

Temperament: Very friendly, highly energetic, loves to sleep beside his human companion.

Training Status: Extremely Trainable – partially Leash Trained, Potty Trained to do his business on mat or newspaper wherever you place it. He is at a stage where he can be easily trained as per the situation in your home either in the bathroom or balcony or in a garden. Responds to Sit, Stay, Down.

Favourite pastime: Going on walks, playing with kids, people watching.

Barks at: Stranger.

A Perfect Home 🏡 : A home with someone who enjoys dog training activities, long walks, and spending a lot of time with dogs. Loves loves loves hoomans. Follows you around better than your cell phone network and talks to you like he understands every single word you say. Extremely interactive and keeps you on your toe.

Extra mentions: He has a cute puppy bark and has no realization of his small size, will stand and bark confidently to protect his humans from dangerous elements like the delivery boys, cows on the street, and practically any stranger that comes to your door. But the moment the stranger calls him a cute puppy he will wag his tail and lick their hands.

To adopt Kellogs, please follow this link.